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How important are toys to cats?

Cats need some excitement in their lives to ensure physical and mental health, especially indoor pets that are cooped up in a room all day. With pre-planning, it's possible to provide cats with a fun home life.

Play is an important channel for cats to use up excess energy. Any cat that is deprived of hunting and sneaking opportunities has the potential to become irritable and stressed, leading to behavioral problems. The mental and physical stimulation that get from play is just as important to an adult cat as it is to a kitten. Most cats, especially spayedcats, retain a sense of playfulness as they get older.

Cats love toys that can trigger their chase, stalk, and raid instincts, so we can meet their hunting needs by providing cats with realistic alternatives. Interactive toys, such as a cat wand with feathers or a catnip and mouse toy, the cat can grab orhit with its claws, or you can drag it along the ground for the cat to chase. A cat wand keeps your hands away from the cat's claws and teeth while the cat is attacking its "prey."

You shouldn't be the cat's only "toy", but provide cats with toys to play with.

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