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Here are various types of cat scratching posts for your cat to play, tickle and stretch.
The cat scratching post can attract the cat's attention and satisfy the cat's desire to scratch and pick at random. And it plays an important role in the health of your cat. It helps the cat repair its claws, smooth or break the long and aged nails. And You'll love them too because they will protect your furniture by redirecting your cat's interest to our durable products. Our cat scratching Post is made of natural raw materials and will not damage the cat's nails. Fine workmanship makes the product more durable. Various designs can not only attract the attention of cats, but also be good decorations at home.

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Ningbo Sentian Pet Supplies Co., Ltd. is professional China Cat Scratching Post Manufacturers and cat scratching post suppliers, has been engaged in the pet industry for more than 20 years, which is a manufacturer with rich experience in product development and sales, specializing in the production and sales of cat trees, cat furniture, cat toys, small animal toys, bird toys and other pet supplies. Sentian Pet focuses on natural materials, and our products are widely made from solid wood, sisal, seaweed, corn leaves and other environmental materials, which are highly praised by customers and consumers. Sentian Pet also emphasizes innovation, and now we have more than 100 design patents and utility patents, ranking among the best in the industry.
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  • Things to note when choosing cat scratch mat materials

    As cat lovers, we all know that cats are animals that like to scratch very much. In order to meet the scratching needs of cats, we will prepare a Cat Scratch Mat for them. However, do you know? The choice of material directly affects the cat's use experience, scratching effect and durability of the product. First of all, the material of the Cat Scratch Mat should have sufficient durability and scratching strength to meet the daily scratching needs of cats. In this regard, we recommend choosing high-quality materials such as sisal, recycled fiber and natural rubber. Sisal fiber is tough and wear-resistant, and is one of the ideal materials for making cat scratching boards; recycled fiber is environmentally friendly and economical, and also has good durability; natural rubber has good elasticity and wear resistance, and can provide a comfortable scratching experience. Secondly, environmental protection and safety are also important factors to consider when choosing the material of the Cat Scratch Mat. High-quality materials should be natural, pollution-free, free of harmful substances, and harmless to the health of cats. At the same time, the surface treatment of the material should also meet relevant standards and contain no irritating odors or chemical components to avoid adverse effects on the cat's respiratory system. Therefore, we recommend choosing environmentally certified materials to ensure the health and safety of cats. In addition to durability and environmental protection, the material of Cat Scratch Mat should also have good comfort and scratching experience. Cats' claws need to have enough friction when scratching to simulate the feeling of natural scratching. Therefore, the surface of the material should have a certain degree of roughness to provide sufficient scratching force. At the same time, the feel of the material should also be comfortable, so that cats feel happy and relaxed when scratching. Therefore, we recommend choosing materials with soft texture and comfortable feel so that cats can enjoy the fun of scratching. Finally, considering that Cat Scratch Mat is easily stained with stains and hair in daily use, the choice of material should also consider its easy cleaning. Easy-to-clean materials can reduce the time and difficulty of cleaning work and keep the cat scratching board hygienic and beautiful. Generally speaking, waterproof or easy-to-clean materials are more suitable for making Cat Scratch Mat. These materials usually have waterproof properties or special surface treatments, which can easily remove stains and hair and keep the cat scratching board clean. Therefore, we recommend choosing easy-to-clean materials to provide cats with a clean and comfortable scratching environment.

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  • What should be paid attention to when cleaning and maintaining cat scratch mat

    As one of the favorite scratching tools of cats, Cat Scratch Mat will inevitably be stained with stains, hair or cat's claw marks in daily use. In order to keep it clean and extend its service life, proper cleaning and maintenance are essential. Regular cleaningThe surface of Cat Scratch Mat is easy to accumulate cat hair and dander, so it needs to be cleaned regularly. It is recommended to clean it at least once a week, using a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to gently remove the hair and dust on the surface. Be careful to avoid using too rough cleaning tools to avoid damaging the surface of the cat scratching board. Stain treatmentIf the Cat Scratch Mat is accidentally stained with urine or other stains, it should be treated immediately. First, gently wipe off the excess stains with a paper towel or clean cloth, and then use a pet-specific detergent or mild soapy water to wash it. When washing, avoid using too much water to prevent the cat scratching board from being damp and deformed. After washing, wipe the water with a clean towel or paper towel, and then let the cat scratching board air dry naturally. Avoid excessive moistureThe surface material of the Cat Scratch Mat is generally not resistant to excessive moisture, so try to avoid using too much water during the cleaning process. If the cat scratching board is damp, it is not only easy to breed bacteria, but may also cause the cat scratching board to deform or damage. Therefore, be sure to control the amount of water used during cleaning and ensure that the cat scratching board can be quickly air-dried after cleaning. Regular replacementAlthough the Cat Scratch Mat is carefully designed and manufactured, long-term use and scratching will still cause its surface to wear. In order to maintain the cat's scratching pleasure and the beauty of the cat scratching board, it is recommended to replace the Cat Scratch Mat regularly. Generally speaking, if the surface of the cat scratching board is severely worn or the cat is no longer interested in it, you can consider replacing a new cat scratching board. Storage and maintenanceWhen the Cat Scratch Mat is not in use, it should be stored in a dry, ventilated place, away from direct sunlight and humid environments. In addition, in order to ensure the service life and scratching effect of the Cat Scratch Mat, it is recommended to trim the cat's claws regularly to reduce the wear on the cat scratching board.

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  • Advantages and Value of Cat Paw Pads

    Cat paw pads play an important role in the home. They are not only a piece of furniture, but also a scratching place and a comfortable resting place for cats. Cat paw pads play an important role as a cat's natural satisfaction provider, while also protecting furniture and floors.First, let’s understand cat scratching behavior. Scratching is an instinctive behavior of cats. It is not only a way of physical exercise, but also has important physiological and psychological effects. First, scratching can sharpen your cat's claws and keep them sharp and of appropriate length, helping them to better climb and defend. Secondly, scratching can remove the old cuticle on the cat's claws and keep the claws healthy. Best of all, scratching can help cats release stress and anxiety and improve their mental health. Therefore, the scratching behavior of cats is very important, and cat paw pads are ideal for meeting this natural need.Secondly, the presence of cat paw pads can protect furniture and floors and reduce the trouble and expense caused by cat scratching damage. Cats' claws are very sharp, and scratching furniture and floors may cause damage and cause unnecessary trouble to the family. The texture design and wear-resistant material of the cat paw pads can meet the cat's scratching needs while protecting the furniture from damage. In addition, the cat paw pads also have a non-slip bottom to ensure they will not slide or move when your cat uses them, protecting the floor from scratches. By using cat paw pads, families can effectively reduce the scratching damage caused by cats to furniture and floors, extend their service life, and reduce the cost of repair and replacement.Finally, cat paw pads provide cats with a comfortable place to rest, promoting their health and happiness. Cats need a safe and comfortable resting place to maintain physical and mental health. Cat paw pads are usually made of soft and comfortable materials to provide cats with a warm and comfortable place to rest. In addition, the large area design of the cat paw pad can provide enough space for cats to lie down and stretch out to meet their rest needs. Some cat paw pads also have multi-functional designs. For example, sofa-type cat paw pads can provide both scratching and resting functions to meet the multiple needs of cats. By providing a comfortable resting environment, cat paw pads can help cats relieve stress and anxiety and promote their health and happiness.

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  • What are the characteristics of different types of cat paw pads

    As important companions in our lives, cats need an exclusive scratching place and a comfortable resting place. In order to meet this demand, cat paw pads, a product specially designed for cats, came into being. According to different designs and uses, cat paw pads can be divided into three types: floor type, wall-mounted type and sofa type.The first is floor-type cat paw pads, which are the most common type. It is usually a mat that is laid flat on the floor and has the following features: large area, hard-wearing materials, textured design, and non-slip bottom. The larger area of floor-type cat paw pads can provide cats with ample space to stretch and move, allowing them to scratch and lie down to rest freely. The use of wear-resistant materials can ensure that the cat paw pads can withstand the scratching and use of cats and extend their service life. The texture design simulates bark or tree trunks in the natural environment, stimulating the cat's claws and providing a better grip, allowing the cat to better sharpen its claws. At the same time, the non-slip bottom ensures that it will not slide or move when used by cats, providing a more stable scratching experience. Floor-type cat paw pads are suitable for use in homes, pet shops, and cat-raising places. They can be placed anywhere on the floor to provide cats with a comfortable and safe scratching place.Next is the wall-mounted cat paw pad, which is a scratching pad that can be hung on the wall. It features vertical design, space saving and textured texture. Wall-mounted cat paw pads are usually vertical to meet the vertical scratching needs of cats, allowing cats to stand or jump to scratch, simulating the behavior of climbing trees in the natural environment. At the same time, they can be hung on the wall, saving floor space, making them ideal for homes or apartments with limited space. Wall-mounted cat paw pads usually have textures and textures that stimulate the cat's claws, provide a better grip, and meet the cat's needs for different sensations. Wall-mounted cat paw pads are suitable for places that need to save space or provide a vertical scratching experience. They can be placed anywhere on the wall to provide cats with an exclusive scratching area.Finally, there is the sofa-type cat paw pad, which is a cushion that can be placed on the sofa. It features comfortable materials, mobility, and scratching and resting surfaces. Sofa-type cat paw pads are usually made of soft and comfortable materials to provide cats with a comfortable place to rest and scratch. At the same time, they are small and lightweight and can be easily placed on the sofa for easy movement and cleaning. Sofa-type cat paw pads generally have a two-sided design, one for scratching and one for resting, so that cats can not only meet their scratching needs, but also enjoy a comfortable rest. Sofa-type cat paw pads are suitable for families where cats often rest on the sofa. They can be placed in the corners or armrests of the sofa to provide cats with an exclusive area for comfort and scratching.

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Industry knowledge development about Cat Scratching Post

Cat scratching posts are essential accessories for any cat owner. These specialized structures provide cats with an outlet for their natural scratching instincts while simultaneously offering numerous benefits. 

The Importance of Scratching Posts:

Cats have an innate need to scratch, which serves several purposes. Scratching helps them shed the outer layers of their claws, allowing new, sharp claws to grow. It also serves as a way for cats to mark their territory by leaving visual and scent markings on the surfaces they scratch. Additionally, scratching provides exercise for the muscles in their paws and legs. Without an appropriate outlet for scratching, cats may resort to scratching furniture, carpets, or other household items, leading to damage and frustration for both cats and their owners.

Design Features:

Cat scratching posts come in a variety of designs to cater to different cats' preferences. The most common design consists of a vertical post made of sturdy materials such as sisal rope, carpet, or wood. The height of the post allows cats to stretch their bodies fully while scratching. Some scratching posts feature additional elements such as platforms, perches, or hiding spots, providing cats with additional opportunities for play and relaxation.
Scratching posts can be freestanding or wall-mounted, depending on the available space and the cat's preferences. Freestanding posts offer stability and can be moved around the house, while wall-mounted options save floor space and provide vertical scratching surfaces.

Benefits for Cats:

Cat scratching posts offer several benefits that contribute to the overall well-being of feline companions. Firstly, scratching helps cats maintain healthy claws by removing the outer sheath, preventing them from becoming too long or sharp. This can reduce the risk of accidental scratches during play or interactions with humans.
Secondly, scratching posts provide cats with an appropriate outlet for their natural instincts. By having a designated area for scratching, cats are less likely to damage furniture or other household items, fostering a peaceful coexistence between cats and their owners.
Furthermore, scratching posts offer physical exercise for cats. Stretching and digging their claws into a scratching post engages the muscles in their paws, legs, and shoulders, promoting overall fitness and preventing stiffness or muscle atrophy.

A Harmonious Living Environment:

In addition to the benefits for cats themselves, cat scratching posts contribute to a harmonious living environment for both cats and their owners. By providing cats with a dedicated place to scratch, these posts redirect their attention away from furniture, drapes, and carpets, preventing damage and preserving the aesthetics of the home.
Moreover, custom scratching posts can help reduce stress and anxiety in cats. Scratching is a natural stress-relieving behavior for cats, allowing them to release pent-up energy and frustration. Having a scratching post readily available can provide cats with a sense of security and comfort, especially in multi-cat households where territorial disputes may arise.

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