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Our cat window Perch Cat wall shelf made of lightweight solid wood, it provide plenty of safety and durability. No tilting, sagging or warping! And it is easy to install, simply drill small holes for the anchor pegs, then use the screws and wall anchors included in our package to secure the shelf to the wall. It only takes one person fifteen minutes to install. Saves space in your room and is your best cat furniture choice.And our cat wall shelves are comes well with almost any type of home decor.

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Ningbo Sentian Pet Supplies Co., Ltd. is professional China Cat Window Perch Cat Wall Shelf Manufacturers and Cat Window Perch Cat Wall Shelf factory, has been engaged in the pet industry for more than 20 years, which is a manufacturer with rich experience in product development and sales, specializing in the production and sales of cat trees, cat furniture, cat toys, small animal toys, bird toys and other pet supplies. Sentian Pet focuses on natural materials, and our products are widely made from solid wood, sisal, seaweed, corn leaves and other environmental materials, which are highly praised by customers and consumers. Sentian Pet also emphasizes innovation, and now we have more than 100 design patents and utility patents, ranking among the best in the industry.
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Our Honor

Industry knowledge development about Cat Window Perch Cat Wall Shelf

Cat window perches and cat wall shelves are innovative and space-saving solutions that provide cats with elevated vantage points and cozy spots to relax while maximizing vertical space in your home. These products are designed to offer comfort, stimulation, and a sense of security for your feline friends, allowing them to observe the outside world or indoor activities from a higher perspective. Cat window perches and cat wall shelves not only fulfill your cat's natural instinct to climb and perch but also add a decorative element to your home.

Cat window perches

Cat window perches are designed to offer cats a comfortable and secure space where they can enjoy the view from a window. 
Outdoor Observation: Cats are naturally curious creatures, and they enjoy watching birds, squirrels, and other outdoor activities. A window perch provides them with a front-row seat to observe the outside world while remaining safe and comfortable indoors.
Sunbathing and Warmth: Cats are known to seek out sunny spots for their naps. Cat window perches are strategically positioned to receive ample sunlight, allowing your cat to bask in the warmth and enjoy sunbathing. This can be particularly beneficial during colder months when sunlight is limited.
Environmental Enrichment: By providing a dedicated spot near a window, cat window perches offer environmental enrichment for your cat. They can watch the changing seasons, enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, and engage in mental stimulation as they observe the world outside.
Space-Saving Solution: Cat window perches make efficient use of vertical space, especially in homes with limited floor area. They create a designated area for your cat without taking up valuable floor space, making them ideal for apartments or smaller living spaces.

Cat Wall Shelf

Cat wall shelves are designed to provide cats with elevated spaces for climbing, perching, and exploring. Here are some additional details about cat wall shelves:
Vertical Exercise: Cats are natural climbers and enjoy exploring their environment vertically. Cat wall shelves provide opportunities for exercise and help promote healthy physical activity by allowing cats to jump, climb, and balance on different levels.
Territory Expansion: Cats have a natural instinct to claim vertical territory. By installing cat wall shelves, you give your cat additional space to call their own. This expansion of territory can help reduce stress and provide a sense of security for your cat.
Multiple Levels and Configurations: Custom cat wall shelves come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to create a multi-level climbing and perching system. This enables your cat to move freely and explore its surroundings from different heights, providing mental and physical stimulation.
Indoor Playground: Cat wall shelves can be combined with other cat furniture, such as scratching posts, toys, and tunnels, to create an interactive indoor playground. This encourages playfulness, helps cats release energy, and provides a stimulating environment even in limited spaces.
Decorative Elements: In addition to their functionality, cat wall shelves can serve as decorative elements in your home. They come in a variety of designs and materials, allowing you to choose shelves that complement your existing decor or create a unique focal point that showcases your cat's play area.

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