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Ningbo Sentian Pet Supplies Co., Ltd.

As one of the leading

China cat toys manufacturers and cat toys factory

.The company has been engaged in the pet industry for more than 20 years, which is a manufacturer with rich experience in product development and sales, specializing in the production and sales of cat trees, cat furniture, cat toys, small animal toys, bird toys and other pet supplies.

Sentian Pet focuses on natural materials, and our products are widely made from solid wood, sisal, seaweed, corn leaves and other environmental materials, which are highly praised by customers and consumers. Sentian Pet also emphasizes innovation, and now we have more than 100 design patents and utility patents, ranking among the best in the industry.

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Product Category

  • Cat Furniture

    Cat Furniture

    The way to love cats is never tame. It's "We love ...

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  • Cat Scratching Post

    Cat Scratching Post

    Here are various types of cat scratching posts for...

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  • Cat Toys

    Cat Toys

    Fish, mice, cat teaser, they're all here. Let the ...

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  • Small Animal Toys

    Small Animal Toys

    A variety of natural materials give small animals ...

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  • Bird Toys

    Bird Toys

    Keeping a bird is like having a friend. Who doesn’...

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Why Choose Us?

  • Natural Ingredients

    The materials we use are 100% natural which pets like to scratch and play with, such as natural wood, sisal, seagrass, jute, banana leaves, bamboo, matatabi, catnip and other wooden or herbaceous materials.
  • R&D

    We develop new collection each month, so far we have thousands of items for your selection. Among which, 100+ products are worldwide patented under brand of Sentian.
  • Quality Control

    We have set up our own quality management system with a professional QA team. We own audit of BSCI, ISO9001 and client audit such as Walmart & Petsmart.

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At present, the annual output value of Sentian Pets has exceeded 10 million US dollars and the main export markets are the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Italy, South Korea, Australia, Canada and other dozens of countries. The cooperative customers includes many world-renowned supermarkets, importers and brands.

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